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Chem-Base (Nantong) Laboratories Co., Ltd

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Cas Number114-03-4

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Chem-Base (Nantong) Laboratories Co., Ltd

Chem-Base (Nantong) Laboratories Co., Ltd has been involved the chemicals trading field for 18 years. Its main business scope includes Nutritional products, Food additives, Personal care ingredients & Biocides, Herbal extracts, Fine chemicals, Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Veterinarian Medicines, Dyestuff Intermediates, Ferrocene and its Derivatives, Specialty Chemicals, Pesticides etc.

The company is growing steadily, because it have a strong support from the suppliers. Its laboratory Nantong Jihai-Chembase United Laboratory can develop and explore new compounds for customers. The product range includes Bromoxynil, Carbendazim, Avermectin, Thioacetamide, Ferrocenecarboxylic acid etc.