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enisamium iodide

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Cas Number201349-37-3

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Alsachim is an independent contract research and development organisation that specialises in stable isotope-labelled compounds, metabolites and pharmaceutical related substances, and analytical purposes. Moreover, the company have a team which is dedicated to produce in-house own stable labeled buildings Blocks (or labeled raw material) in order to speed up the production of customers stable labeled internal standard.

Its services are added value to customer operations by providing a consistently high level of research and development services. The company build long-term client relationships by listening to, understanding, and exceeding the client's needs in a timely. 

The company supply the products to customers all over the world, spread throughout the chemical discipline including the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, clinical and bio-analytical CROs and related research institutions. The product range includes Methylone, Chlorpheniramine Maleate, USP, Phenobarbital etc.