1,3,5-trichlorobenzene Supplier - Hema Dyechem Pvt. Ltd.


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Hema Dyechem Pvt. Ltd.

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Cas Number108-70-3
Appearancewhite solid

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Hema Dyechem Pvt. Ltd.

Hema Dyechem Pvt. Ltd. chemical Industry today competition is the driving force. A competition that is not just national but increasing on a global scale. The coming years will see India as a major player in the world's chemical intermediate market, of which we are proud to be a part.Hema Dyechem products range as 1,2 Dichlorobenzene, 1,2,3 Trichloro Benzene, 1,2,4 Trichlorobenzene, 1,3,5 Trichloro Benzene, 2 Chloro 4 Nitro Aniline, 2,4,5 Trichloro Nitro Benzene, 2,4,5 Trichloroanline, 2,5 Di Chloro Nitro Benzene, 3,4 Dichloroaniline, 4 Chloro 2 Amino Phenol etc.

Hema Dyechemical have been in the business of benzene based intermediates since 1975. It is not enough to manufacture good products; it is always possible to make it better. And it is always possible to find newer better means to fulfill the needs of our customers. With this in mind, we have setup a full fledged R&D laboratory installed with the latest quality assurance equipment and manned by a team of dedicated researchers.