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eco-friendly chemicals chrome acid fog inhibitor bt-10 industrial grade 30%

Description :





Perfluorohexyl Ethyl sulphonic acid

30 %



EINECS No 248-580-6

Molecular formula C8H5F13O3S

Molecular weight 428.17

Density@20℃ 1.150 g/cm3

PH value 1-2

Solid content 30%

Appearance Colorless liquid


It is an anionic fluorinated surfactant that

reduces the surface tension of aqueous solutions to very low

levels. It is based on six fluorinated carbon molecules that

cannot break down to PFOA in the environment.



It demonstrates exceptional chemical stability in

corrosive media and, in particular, very acidic solutions. It also:

•     Is a low-foaming agent

•     Imparts additional properties that may prove useful in

formulations based on aggressive (highly acidic, oxidizing,

or reducing) media

•     Meets the goals of the voluntary U.S. EPA 2010/15 PFOA

Stewardship Program

•     Targeted below LOD* for PFOA


BT-10 is used as an antistat in films.

• Chrome plating baths: aids wetting of the components to

be treated and promotes the formation of a foam layer on the

surface of the bath, preventing dangerous chromic acid fume

generation. It can replace FC-248 as a new chromium fog inhibitor.

• Emulsification: for the polymerization of fluorinated

monomers such as PVDF and PTFE and emulsification of

fluoropolymer powder.

• Metal treatment: cleaning, descaling, and pickling.    

Because of its wetting properties and stability in highly aggressive media, BRT-027F reduces treatment time, improves surface quality and reduces bath dragout.

• It can be used in organic fluorine synthesis, fluorinated surfactants and other important intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates, electroplating intermediates.

The company has developed and produced perfluorohexyl ethyl sulfonic acid, and has expanded the scale of industrial production. The production process is stable and the product quality is excellent.

Usage Instructions:
1. First dilute BT-10 by 33 times with water (normal temperature water) which is equivalent to 3% diluent;

2. Making up solution:add 1.5L BT-10(3% diluent) to every 1000L making up solutions. When the bath temperature is up to 60 ℃, the consumption is about 15ml BT-10 (3% diluent) within 1000ah (ah).

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Cas Number27619-97-2
Appearance colorless liquid
Gradeindustrial grade

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Industrial Solvents
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