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Keshava Organics Pvt. Ltd

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Cas Number86-22-6

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Antianaphylaxis(antihistamines) and antidotes
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Keshava Organics Pvt. Ltd

Keshava Organics Pvt. Ltd is a US FDA approved facility making select antihistamine active pharmaceutical ingredients. The company is committed to meet the highest standards set for the products we make and to manufacture and supply consistent quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients to achieve customer satisfaction.

Keshava realizes its responsibility to create a safe & healthy workplace for its employees and a clean environment for its employees as well as surrounding community. Keshava Organics has a flexible plant and has in-house process capabilities to perform the various chemical synthesis of Alkylation, Benzoylation, Chlorination, N-Alkylation, Condensation, Oxidation, Decarboxylation, Hydrolysis, Friedel Craft Alkylation and Assymmetric Synthesis.