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niacinamide purified 99%

Description :
Synonyms: Nicotinamide Vitamin B3Vitamin PP 3-PyridinecarboxyamideNicotinic acid amide
CAS No.: 98-92-0
Molecular Formula: C6H6N2O
Molecular Weight: 122.12
EINECS: 202-713-4
Assay: ≥99%
Appearance: white crystal or crystalline powder, bitter taste, easily soluble in water or ethanol andsoluble in glycerol
Use: 1. It can prevent pathological changesof skin and diseases of alimentary canal, such as dermatitis, blacktongue, vomiting and diarrhea etc.
2. By participating in material and energy metabolism, it can promote the body growth.
3. By combining with other medicines, it can cure catarrh and ulcer.
4. By improving the ability of blood supply with strong expansion functionof blood vessel, it is highly effective in curing such diseases asdermatosis, hypercholesterolemia disease and coronary heart disease.
Packing: 25Kg per drum, 20Kg per carton or upon buyer's request
Storage: Store in dry places and keep away from strong direct light and heat.

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Cas Number98-92-0

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