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sodium diacetate food grade 99%

Description :
Sodium diacetate 
Product Name: Sodium diacetate 
Chemical Formula: C4H7O4Na+xH2O 
CAS#: 126-96-5 
White crystal with acetic acid odor; 
Easy to absorb moisture; 
Very easy to dissolve in the water; 
To decompose when heated to higher than 150 
Application: In the food additive extensively (for instance, toasts food, candy, fat, meat products), use as even to take pharmaceutical, buffer, rust inhibitor and reply and worthy of and defend mould main batching of pharmaceutical, etc. 
Package: 25kg/bag 
Free acetic acid's 39.00-41.00 39.8 
Sodium Acetate(Ch3COONa)% 58.00-60.00 58.8 
Moisture ≤ % 2.00 0.60 
PH(10% aqueous solution) 4.50-5.00 4.7 
Formic acid and Matters easy to oxidize%≤ 0.20 <0.20 
Arsenic(As)≤ 0.0003 <0.0003 
Heavy Metal(as Pb)% 0.001 <0.001 

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Hubei Yuancheng Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd

Product Details :

Cas Number126-96-5
Gradefood grade

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Hubei Yuancheng Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd

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