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magnesium sulfate

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Shanghai Zhenxin Reagent Factory

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Cas Number7487-88-9
Appearancewhite crystalline solid

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Lab Chemicals
Firming Agents
Organic Fertlizers
Agro Chemicals
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Shanghai Zhenxin Reagent Factory

Shanghai Zhenxing Reagent Factory is an old factory specialized in producing various reagents, specialty chemicals and fine chemicals. Zhenxing Chemical Reagent Factory manufactures specialty chemicals and fine chemicals. Our copper salt product includes cupric sulfate, cupric nitrate, and cuprous chloride, cupric chloride basic and cupric carbonate. 

Shanghai Zhenxing Reagent  are famous all over the country for quality chemical reagents as copper salts, strontium salts and potassium salts. Shanghai Zhenxing Reagent are a member of Chemical Reagent Association. Shanghai We also offer selenous acid, sodium benzoate, cobalt chloride, cobalt sulfate, sodium sulfite and anhydrous & sodium hydroxide. Shanghai Zhenxing Reagent Factory are accredited with ISO 9001:2000 certification.