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Chemetall Asia Pte. Ltd.

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Metal treatment
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Chemetall Asia Pte. Ltd.

Chemetall Asia Pte Ltd, a leading manufacturer and supplier of products for surface treatment applications, aerospace & non destructive testing industries. Chemetall Asia Pte Ltd. one of the leading global players we are familiar with Surface Treatment in all its facets. Chemetall Asia focus worldwide activities on the development and implementation of customized technology and system solutions for Surface Treatment. Our products are developed for cleaning, giving corrosion protection, sealing, improving paint adhesion, and facilitating the forming and treatment of metals.

Chemetall Asia globally established product ranges, for example Oxsilan®, Gardobond®, Ardrox® and Naftoseal®, are used in the most diverse industry sectors from automotive to aerospace, and have played a leading role in shaping metal treatment. Good products and quality service is the prerequisite for our successful business. However, we believe that true success lies in a close and partnership-based cooperation with our customers.