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sanfloc n-520p

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Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd.

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Mining Chemicals
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Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd.

Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd. manufactures and sells chemical products in Japan and internationally and the product range include SANFLOC AH-200P, SANFLOC AS-510P, SANFLOC N-520P, SANFLOC C-009P, SERABON DH-707 etc.

The company provides superabsorbent polymers, surfactants for hair care products and detergents, base materials for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, antibacterial agents, EIA diagnostic reagents, potting resins for artificial kidneys, pressure-sensitive adhesives, and hot melt adhesives and raw materials for polyurethane foam, polyurethane beads for powder slush molding, lubricating oil and fuel oil additives, base materials for synthetic lubricants, water-soluble cutting fluids, CFC-free cleaning agents, and paste resin for design model.