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3-(n,n-diethyl)amino propionanilide

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World Chem Trading Corporation

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Cas Number22185-75-7

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World Chem Trading Corporation

World Chem Trading Corporation are one of the fast growing professional marketing groups dealing in various basic chemicals and dye intermediatesWorld Chem Trading Corporation marketing efforts are mainly concentrated in the field of Basic Chemicals and Dyes & Pharma Intermediates.

World Chem Trading Corporation represent number of reputed manufactures exclusively for marketing their products. Currently the company represent Syn-O-Chem Products for their wide variety of dye intermediates product range for local sales as well as for exports.

Syn-O-Chem Products is a manufacturer of Gamma Acid, G Salt, 6-Nitro, 1-2-4 Diazo, Bronner's Acid , 4NAPSA (Na Salt), 4 NAPSA (Free Acid) and Bronners Base etc. and number of other Beta Naphthol base dye intermediates. World Chem Trading Corporation also represent Uma Organic and Chemicals for 1 Naphthalamine, Sodium Naphthionate, Mata Nitro Aniline and MPDSA (Sodium Salt), MPDSA (Free Acid).

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