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Tabacal Agribusiness

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Cas Number64-17-5
Appearancecolourless liquid

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Food Additives
Fuels and Lubricants
Flavour & Fragrance
Industrial Solvents
Rocket Propellants
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Tabacal Agribusiness

Tabacal Agribusiness represents one of the economic engines in the NOA and is present in the business of sugar, alcohol, biofuels and electric power generation. The company were pioneers and are development actors opened a new era of biofuels in Argentina, being the first and largest producers of bioethanol for the cutting of gasoline. The company currently involved in business of Tabacal sugar, alcohol, biofuels, bioenergy power generation and manufacturing of biofertilizers or organic fertilizer from waste generated in the manufacture of sugar.

Its operational, commercial and logistics arrangements are certified by the standards ISO 9001, ensuring security throughout the process, ranging from order entry to delivery to customer deposits and after sales service. The important product is Ethanol.