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germanium sesquioxide

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Glosel Singapore Pte.Ltd.

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Glosel Singapore Pte.Ltd.

Glosel Singapore Pte.Ltd. is a distributor of Cosmetics, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Pharmaceutical Formulations, Packaging Products, Medical Supplies and Nutraceuticals throughout the Asia Pacific markets. Glosel include the products Griseofulvin, Omeprazole, Creatine Monohydrate, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Melatonin etc.

As Glosel has evolved over the years, the company has never strayed from the clarity of its guiding principles customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. Glosel Singapore company's Vision is to reach and connect its customers and associates to its Global distribution network and provide the products and services that always strive to exceed customers expectation. Glosel’s goal is to provide a one stop purchase solution for entire customers.