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4,4-methylene bis(2-chloroaniline)

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Changshan Haicheng Chemical Co.,Ltd.

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Cas Number101-14-4
Appearanceoff-white powder

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Plastics & Polymers
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Changshan Haicheng Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Changshan Haicheng Chemical Co.,Ltd is mainly engaged in researching, developing and producing medicine, dyes, pesticide and flavor. It is one of the excellent enterprises in the country for these series products. Changshan Haicheng Chemical product range as 3,5-Diaminobenzoic acid, 5-Nitro-2-aminophenol, 1-Chloroanthraquinone , O-Chloroaniline, p-Aminobenzotrifluoride, 3-Nitrochlorobenzene,  Aniline-2-sulfonic acid, 2-Methoxy-5-methylaniline, 2,4-Difluoroaniline, 1-Fluoro-2-nitrobenzene, 1,3-Dichloro-2-fluorobenzene, O-Aminophenol, M-Phenylenediamine, 3,4-dichloroaniline, Bromaminic acid, Diphenylamine, 4,4'-Diaminobenzanilide, 2,4-Difluoronitrobenzene, 1,2,3-Trifluoro-4-nitrobenzene, 2-Fluoroaniline.

Changshan Haocheng Chemical Company has advanced manufacturing technique and complete testing method. Besides, we pay much attention to the environmental protection. Leading products are exported to the countries in Europe, South America and Southeast Asia etc. It enjoys a good reputation in our country.