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bismuth acetate

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Ereztech LLC

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Cas Number22306-37-2
Appearancewhite scaly crystalline

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Ereztech LLC

Ereztech suppliers produce a wide range of metals, rare-earth derivatives, organometallic compounds, ligands and building blocks for use in the electronic, photovoltaic, fine and specialty chemicals and other sectors. In addition, Erezetch provides extensive customer support, including import/export and customs assistance, logistics management, and delivery services. With long-term experience in the chemical industry, the management of Ereztech is able to carefully evaluate and select responsible, innovative suppliers that offer exciting new chemicals and materials that enhance its product portfolio. 

Ereztech is also a strong company with a long-term vision and commitment to bridging the advanced materials suppliers of Eastern Europe with forward-thinking companies around the world that are seeking cost-effective yet sustainable alternative sources of innovative, high-quality chemical products.

The product range includes Nickelocene, Ferrocenecarboxylic acid, Vinylferrocene, Acetylferrocene, Ferrocenemethanol, Cobaltocene, Ferroceneacetic acid etc.