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chlorimuron ethyl

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Meghmani Dyes And Intermediates Ltd

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Cas Number90982-32-4
Appearancecolorless crystals

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Meghmani Dyes And Intermediates Ltd

Meghmani Dyes And Intermediates Ltd is the US$ 150 million Ahmedabad based Meghmani group began modestly in the year 1977. Meghmani Dyes And Intermediates is involved in pigments, and dyestuffs as well as in basic crop protection chemicals. The company's Research & Development activities are focused on Process development, New Intermediates, Raw Material substitution, Improvement of Yield and Quality, Development of Active Ingredients and Toll research/Custom Synthesis. The reactions practiced include Friedel Craft reaction, Halogenation (Bromine, Chlorine), Halogenation (Thionyl Chloride), Hydrogenation & other Reduction, Isomerisations & Epimerisation, Nitration, High Pressure Ammonalysis, Various condensation reactions, Esterification, Diazotisation, High Pressure Reactions and Sulforiation.