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Shanghai Tauto Biotech Co., Ltd

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Cas Number18524-94-2

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Shanghai Tauto Biotech Co., Ltd

Shanghai Tauto Biotech Co., Ltd is devoted to the research, production and sales of High speed counter-current chromatography (HSCCC), valid monomer of natural plants with high purity and raw materials/intermediate of Herbal medicines. Backed up by advanced techniques, the company developed the self-patented new-type HSCCC which boasts reliable performance and takes a leading role in the application of counter-current chromatography techniques worldwide. The TBE Series High speed counter-current chromatography instruments integrated the functions of extraction, separation, purification and manufacturing. The product range includes Mangiferin, Isoquercitrin, Rutecarpine, Denudatine, Cryptopin, Sesamin, psoralidin  etc.