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Callington Haven Pty Ltd

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Appearanceoff white opaque highly viscous liquid

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Cleaning and Sanitation
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Callington Haven Pty Ltd

Callington are a leading specialty chemicals manufacturer and supplier with esteemed corporate values, a competitively successful drive and the product range include AC 70, CH 3003, CH 087, CH-R48T, CH 8880, CH 8880 etc.  The company fundamentally believe that it can make a difference, with its people’s lives, its customers businesses and the markets in which the company operate around the world.

The company continue to supply customers in its  domestic and international markets with speciality chemicals and it strive to provide affordable, reliable, effective and environmentally friendly products. Callington is a global, professional, ethical, innovative, specialty chemical manufacturing group. Callington operates in Australia, the USA, Europe, the Middle-East, Africa, Asia, New Zealand and South America, providing unique, specialty chemical product solutions.