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Yaxin Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.

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Cas Number3179-63-3

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Yaxin Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.

Yaxin Chemical Industry Co Ltd are a fully licensed import/export fine chemical manufacturer to supply quality products to our valuable customers around the world. For many years, we continuously improving and enhancing our products to accommodate our valuable customers' changing market needs. 

Yaxin Chemical company's dedication to quality is uncompromisable, by working closely with universities and research labs, we never stop improving our products for higher purity, less by-products, more cost efficient, less wastes, and more environmental friendly process. Prosperity is for both now and the future. Our qualities can be broadly used in manufacturing in OLED, LC, polymeric materials, hydrogen peroxide working fluid, fertilizer, and pharmaceutical.Yaxin Chemical Industry's products such as 4,4-dimethoxydiphenylamine, 4-Bromotriphenylamine, Triphenylamine, 3-Phenyl-propionamide, 1-Indanone.