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l-lysine acetate

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Aston Chemicals Ltd

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Cas Number57282-49-2

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Aston Chemicals Ltd

Aston Chemicals was established in 1990 and represents over 20 high quality chemical manufacturers from around the world, ensuring the smooth distribution of their products to our customers' manufacturing plants. Aston Chemicals Ltd is a specialist sales organisation, selling speciality chemicals to the personal care industry in the UK, Ireland, USA, Central and Eastern Europe.

Aston products range as BioGenic EGCG-200,Viniderm,Australian Sandalwood Extract, Omega-6 Ceramide Cotton, Rhamnosoft HP 1.5P, Akoline GC,  Akoline MCM,  Akoline PG 7, Dermol GDIS, KF-6011,  KF-6017,AQUA KEEP 10SH-NFC, Gilugel CAO, Polyderm PPI-CO-200, Beantree, Bernel Ester 185, Bernel Ester CO, Bernel Ester OPG, Gilugel CAO, Gilugel MIN, KSG-16, KSG-18A, Akoline PG 7, Eucarol AGE SS, Olivem 300, Olivem 400 etc.