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Advanced Technology & Industrial Co., Ltd.

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Advanced Technology & Industrial Co., Ltd.

Advanced Technology & Industrial Co., Ltd., a key laboratory distributor based in Hong Kong. Advanced Technology supplying more than 300,000 items of Laboratory Products, Instrument / Equipment, Analyzer, Fine Chemical, Filtration / Separation Product for Teaching, Research, Quality Control, Medical / Hospital, Environmental & Industrial (Diagnostic / Pharmaceutical / Electronic etc.) Application. Advanced Technology Products Ephedrine, Perchlorate, Malaoxon, Cupreine, D-Threose, Pentanal, Cyclohexane, Carbon Tetrachloride, Sodium Alginate.

Advanced Technology offer wide range of products with most common grading available on each item. It includes Synthesis grade, Extra pure grade, GR grade, ACS grade. Grading for special application such as HPLC grade, Pesticide grade, Electronic grade, Biochemistry grade, Histology and solvent for Trace Analysis etc.