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Vision Mark Biotech

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Agro Chemicals
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Vision Mark Biotech

Vision Mark Biotech is the leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Agro Chemicals.Vision Mark Biotech offering biological-organic fertilizers and pesticide products includes Azotobactor (Nitrigen Fixer), Azospirillum (Nitrigen Fixer), Acetobacter (Nitrigen Fixer), Rhizobium (Nitrigen Fixer), Phosphate solublizer, Potassium solublizers, Sulphur solubliser bacteria, Mixed bio fertilizer, Probiotic soil restorer,  Liquid seaweed extract, Humic acid & Amino acid based product, Bio Stimulator, Organic Micronutrient, Silica fertilizers, Organic calcium-boron fertilizers, Sulphur fertilizers, Flowering booster, bio pesticides, Bio fungicide, Bio insecticide, organic pesticides, Herbal pesticide, Nano pesticide, organic sticker, decomposing culture etc are proud to be in the forefront of developing innovative technology that benefits farmers all around.

Vision Mark Biotech's vision is to strives hard for the empowerment of the citizens by promoting entrepreneurial biotech activities by facilitating the availability of the latest innovative technologies, by encouraging and enduring the benefits of on-date research & development. This approach allows it to always attain more than the targeted goals such as client satisfaction and delivering the world class quality products. Vision Mark Biotech's mission is to be a global Biotech enterprise, to maintain a climate that tests new ideas, to continue to build Agro Chemicals of optimum quality and performance The company believes in continuous effort to improve the quality and safety of the Agro Chemicals and this is achieved by keeping the production process in adherence to the strictest of the international quality standards.