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non phosphate food grade

Description :

THAIFOOD-N (Non Phosphate) is a mixture of food grade sodium/calcium salts and food materials in a ratio to provide excellent performance in seafood products.
BENEFITS: Thaifood-N (Food Additive)
1.Increasing yield.
2.Minimizing the freeze loss (Drip Loss/ Weight Loss after defrost/ thawing).
3.Improving texture
4. Balancing phopshate rate. 
Due to some countries such as European ones control the rate of

phosphate, Thaifood- N helps in keeping the rate/percentage of phosphate in fish and shrimp products at

acceptable level based on EU regulation.

Seller Info :

Thai Foods Product International Co.,Ltd

Product Details :

Appearancewhite powder
Gradefood grade

Categories :

Improving Agents
About Suppliers :
Thai Foods Product International Co.,Ltd
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