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Noor Enzymes Pvt Ltd

Noor Enzymes is a company in the field of Industrial Biotechnology. It is perhaps the biggest industry catering to clients worldwide through eco-friendly solutions. The company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Enzymes specifically targeted for Industrial application. The company are currently catering to the Textile processing industry with its range of Amylase Enzymes for Desizing of Textile Fabrics, Cellulase Enzymes used for Biopolishing and Biofading of Denims, Cotton Knits and Woven garments and Pectinase Enzymes for Bioscouring or Enzymatic Scouring of Textile fabrics. For Paper processing industry the company have Cellulase / Hemicellulase (Carbohydrase) Enzymes, Xylanase Enzymes and Lipase Enzymes for enzymatic assistance in the processes of Fibre Handling, Pulping, Biobleaching, Deinking, Drain Refining, and Pitch & Sticky control.

The company strive to emerge as a global supplier of these eco-friendly solutions at economical costs to the processing industries who are eventually the end users of these products. Apart from its focus on emerging processes for future innovation, the company are always looking to improve its current knowledge of existing processes and apply them to enhance output & quality and keep on delivering the best possible solutions. The company's Vision is to contribute to the development of the world economy propelling sustainable growth and protecting the resources of the planet for a better future of the generations to come and and to become an Indian Multinational Company in the field of Industrial Biotechology.