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ephedrine hydrochloride

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Heer Pharma Private Limited

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Cas Number50-98-6

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Heer Pharma Private Limited

Heer Pharma Private Limited is one of the leading supplier of Bulk Drugs,Veterinarian Drugs and Excipients to local as well as international markets. Its international foot print covers countries in South Asia, South East Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and Latin America. With its reach, the company have been able to build strong ties with Manufacturers to market their products. This helps clients who get advantage of competitive prices as the company buy in bulk from the manufacturer.

Customer satisfaction and quality being its priority, the company continuously engage with its Principals who in turn make considerable investment in Research & Development as well as Technology to ensure that the quality product gets delivered to the client at competitive prices. This has helped the company gain client's Trust for Quality and Consistency. For the new millennium, its goal is to carry out its expansion and diversification efforts with renewed dynamism and continued commitment to develop, diversify and create new opportunities into new businesses wherever applicable.