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trilube 258

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Tri-Tech Chemical Co. Pty Ltd

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Appearanceclear yellow liquid

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Tri-Tech Chemical Co. Pty Ltd

Tri-Tech Chemical Company is an Australian based chemical company servicing clients globally in the mining, agriculture, lubricant and other industries.Tri-Tech Chemical company has focussed on the development of its manufacturing capabilities to provide customers with a range of quality products based on chemical reactions, including esters, sulfonates, succinates and amides. In addition to its manufactured products, the company offer a range of traded chemicals to its customers. The range includes vegetable derived waxes and specialty polymers for coatings and adhesives.

The company's Mission is to manufacture high quality chemicals in a safe and efficient manner and supply them to the customers as and when they require them. Tri-Tech Chemical is Australia's leading producer of sulfosuccinate surfactants. These products find widespread use in dewatering of minerals, substrate wetting for inks and coatings, textile dying and dust suppression.