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triconol f-801

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Tri-Tex Co Inc.

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Tri-Tex Co Inc.

Tri-Tex is the result of a merger of two companies, Texall and Trichromatic. Tri-Tex is proud to be a Canadian-based leader in the global chemical industry involved in the manufacture and supply of chemicals for Leather, Paper, Textile industries etc. Its wide range of leather processing chemicals are available worldwide and have provided the customers with effective solutions to all of their leather processing needs and the range include TRIDEGREASER T, TRICONOL F-801, TRICOWET JU, TRICOTAN R etc.

The mission is to support the continuous growth of its customers through the use of cutting-edge chemical and dye technologies. By combining its industry expertise with customer-focused service, the company are able to provide products and services that are tailored to each customers specific needs. The main focus is to combine the highest quality products with unsurpassed customer service.