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pigment yellow 53

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Hangzhou Xcolor Chemical Co., Ltd.

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Appearanceyellow powder

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Inorganic Pigments
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Hangzhou Xcolor Chemical Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Xcolor Chemical Co., Ltd. is a growth company, it is arising star of the colorants industry in China and it is a leading manufacturer and supplier of pigments such as Lemon Chrome Yellow, Milori Blue, Pigment Red 255, Pigment Blue 62, Pigment Red 104, Pigment Yellow 53 etc. The main products are organic pigments and solvent dyes. The company provide inorganic pigment for different customers at the same time.

The products are widely used in all kinds of areas and the company also make products according to customers different specifications. The company have a strong desire to be prominent in the pigment industry, its two main principles are Quality and Reliabiliy. The target is to be the best supplier for its customers. The company constantly challenge itselves to meet and exceed customers expectations on quality and service.