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triethyl phsophate industrial grade

Description :

Triethyl Phsophate is a colorless liquid. It is the triester of ethanol and phosphoric acid. Triethyl Phsophate a polymer resin modifier, and a plasticizer (e.g. for unsaturated polyesters).In smaller scale it is used as a solvent for e.g. cellulose acetate, flame retardant, an intermediate for pesticides and other chemicals, stabilizer for peroxides, a strength agent for rubber and plastic including vinyl polymers and unsaturated polyesters, etc.

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Sagar Speciality Chemicals (Pvt) (Ltd).

Product Details :

Cas Number78-40-0
Appearanceclear liquid
Gradeindustrial grade

Categories :

Chemical Resins
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Sagar Speciality Chemicals (Pvt) (Ltd).
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