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Chemotex Decin A.S.

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Anionic Surfactants
Nonionic Surfactants
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Chemotex Decin A.S.

Chemotex Decin A.S. is a traditional Czech chemical company, established in 1900. Since 1993 the company is in a private ownership again. Chemotex has a solid position on the domestic market of industrial auxiliaries. Its current list of products covers over 100 kinds of products. Products are used in various industrial branches.

Its team of experts is also ready to make formulations of other products, according to the customer´s requirements. Except these products, the company is a producer and a distributor of wide range of cosmetics and household chemistry final products like auxiliary textile agents, surfactants (tensides) and detergents, chemical agents for pulp and paper mills and the range include ALMIPAL P, ALMIPAL COK, ALTAPON AOS etc.