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d-p-methyl sulfone phenyl ethyl serinate lab grade >98%

Description :

Name: D-p-Methyl sulfone phenyl ethyl serinate

CAS No.: 36983-12-7


D-ethyl ester, D-p-Methyl-sulfino phenyl ethyl serinate, D-threo-beta-Methylsulfonylphenylserine ethyl ester,(b-S)-b-Hydroxy-4-(methylsulfonyl)-D-phenylalanine Ethyl Ester,  D-4-methylsulfonylphenyl serine ethyl ester, D-threo-p-MPSE, (βS)-β-Hydroxy-4-(methylsulfonyl)-D-phenylalanine Ethyl Ester, D-threo-β-Methylsulfonylphenylserine Ethyl Ester, (S)-beta-Hydroxy-4-(methylsulfonyl)-D-Phenylalanine ethyl ester; Cuprum D-4-Methylsulfinophenylethylserinate

Product Code: FM25566

Chemical Formula: C12H17NO5S

Molecular Weight: 287.33

Appearance: White or almost white powder; odorless.

Solubility:  soluble in DMF, practically insoluble in water.

Density: 1.31g/cm3

Melting Point: 129-133.0℃

Boiling Point: 514.95 °Cat 760 mmHg

Flash Point: 265.233 °C

Specific rotation: ≧14.0°

Optical rotation: +14.00-+16.00

EINECS: 230-808-0

Production Capacity: 2000 MT/year

Specification: In-house specification

Packaging size: 25Kg/bag ; provide tailored package on request

Type: Pharmaceutical Intermediates

Application: Fine Chemical Intermediate


What is D-p-Methyl sulfone phenyl ethyl serinate ?

D-p-Methyl sulfone phenyl ethyl serinate is synthesized from 4-Methylsulphonyl benzaldehyde. As the key and initial intermediate for the synthesis of Florfenicol and Thiamphenicol, antibiotics for animals, the quality of D-p-Methyl sulfone phenyl ethyl serinate directly affects the yield and quality of Florfenicol and Thiamphenicol. On the other hand, the broad application of Florfenicol and Thiamphenicol has promoted the market demand for D-p-Methyl sulfone phenyl ethyl serinate.

Banff Green Technologies, Inc. provides high-quality and large-quantity of D-p-Methyl sulfone phenyl ethyl serinate. The purity is higher than 99%, and the production capacity is 2000 MT/year. We are capable of providing high grade D-p-Methyl sulfone phenyl ethyl serinate on competitive prices.

Seller Info :

Banff Green Technologies, Inc.

Product Details :

Cas Number36983-12-7
Appearancewhite or almost white powder; odorless.
Gradelab grade

Categories :

Pharmaceutical Intermediates
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Banff Green Technologies, Inc.
Banff green technologies, inc. Is a technologically innovative company that focuses on chemicals, materials, pharmaceuticals, crop science and environmental technology. The company headquarter is based in shanghai, china. Our research and development team is comprised of a talented and experienced t Read More..
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