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sodium bromide industrial grade 99%min

Description :

                                                          sodium bromide powder

M.W.  102.90    CAS# 7647-15-6    MF: NaBr     EINECS No.:231-599-9


 Name: Sodium Bromide 


Manufacture: Twin International Co., Limited


  Quantity: 6T


Package: In 25kg net plastic woven bags.

         Item                      Specification                 Test Results


1. Appearance:                     White Crystal                    OK

2. Assay: %:                       ≥ 99                       99.23     

3. Degree of clearance:                Passed                        OK

4.Chlorides (as Cl ) %:                ≤ 1                         0.1         

5.Sulphates (as SO4 ) %:              ≤ 0.02                      < 0.02                  

6.Bromates(as BrO3)% :              ≤0.003                      < 0.003 

7.PH:                              5.5—8.5                      6.3

8. Moisture %:                      ≤ 0.5                        0.19

9.Lead(as Pb)%:                     ≤ 0.001                     < 0.001


 Comments: confirm to the standard

 Verifier:01                  Analyst:02                  Date:2018-10-28

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Twin International Co., Limited

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Twin International Co., Limited
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