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sodium perborate monohydrate

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Advent Chembio Pvt Ltd

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Cas Number10332-33-9
Appearancewhite crystalline powder

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Cosmetics & Personal care
Soaps & Detergents
Cleaning and Sanitation
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Advent Chembio Pvt Ltd

Advent Chembio Pvt Ltd is a leading Supplier of Analytical reagents, Fine & Specialty chemicals, Customized intermediates, and a trusted partner in quality to meet the growing developmental and manufacturing needs of various sectors in Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and allied industries. Advent Chembio product portfolio includes a wide range of Fine & Specialty chemicals encompassing hosts of Inorganic salts, HPLC grade solvents, GC grade solvents, Electronic grade products, Research Chemicals and reagents etc. as well as variety of building blocks and advanced intermediates, the number of which is expanding with each passing day.

The custom syntheses capabilities range from milligram to kilo scale and manufacturing capability of fine chemicals and reagents vary from kilo to tonnage scale and are backed by a strong database and analytical support. Advent Chembio capabilities include purification and manufacturing of Laboratory reagents, fine and specialty chemicals, tailor-made reagents & products used in the Pharma and allied sectors, electronic and chemical industries, Universities and Research Institutes etc, design and synthesis of exclusive screening compounds and combinatorial building blocks,synthesis of key intermediates as well as the scale up of promising lead compounds of drug candidates.