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We at U.S.Steriles made an extensive research of the pulp and paper mill and reviewed the problems of the industry. Water is an essential requirement of pulp and paper mills. The quality of water will decide the output and the quality of the paper.

The major problem the pulp and paper mill faces in the production of paper is that of slime growth, bacterial growth, and protozoa, which hampers the production of quantity as well as the quality of paper.


GRAMICID is a multi-component complex formulation of high concentration Hydrogen Peroxide and Silver in cationic form. Gramicid possesses a very broad spectrum of anti microbial activity on a wide range of micro-organisms  such as gram positive & gram negative bacteria, slime, E Coil, bacteriophages, legionella, salmonella, fungi, yeast, Viruses, spores and biofilms. It does not develop any resistance. Gramicid is highly effective on sulphate-reducing bacteria thereby even stainless steel bio corrosion is prevented.

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U.S. Steriles

U.S. Steriles are reliable Manufacturer & Supplier of Eco Friendly Water treatment Chemicals. The company started with manufacturing a unique disinfectant under the brand name of GRAMICID for water quality management. The assortment of its Eco Friendly Water treatment Chemicals comprises Gramicid – Ecofriendly Water Treatment Chemical, Cooling Tower Chemicals, Boiler Water Treatment Chemical, RO Water Treatment Chemicals, R.O. Cleaning Chemicals, Multipurpose Liquid Detergents, Fuel Additives, Paper Industry Chemicals(Paper Slimicide), Effluent Treatment Chemical and Biocides for Water Treatment.

The company are Biocides Chemicals Manufacturers with advanced facilities to formulate these chemicals and detergents. Besides, its quality controllers keep a close eye on the entire production process to ensure compliance with the requisite quality standards. The company also offer customized solutions to its clients in order to meet specific industrial requirement. U.S. Steriles is established with the mission to develop EcoFriendly Disinfectants, water treatment Chemicals and  speciality chemicals. The product range include GRAMICID-14, GRAMICID-101, GRAMICID-121, GRAMICID-17, GRAMICID-25 etc.