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camellia seed oil food grade

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Camellia seed  oil, also known as Tea Oil, is  cold pressed from  the  seeds of  Camellia(Camellia  oleife ra),  The  seed  oil  is  said  to be rich  in  anti-oxidants including Vitamin E, fatty acids including linoleic acid 7.0-14.0%, oleic acid 74.0-86.0%.

Camellia  seed oil  is  heart healthy,  it is  cholesterol  free and has  high levels  of mono-unsaturated  fatty  acids.  It is also an  excellent  source of  A and  B  vitamins. Mono-unsaturated fatty  acids  can help  reduce blood pressure and  improve heart function. Camellia seed oil may  haveantioxidant properties that fight disease and signs of aging. 

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Wuhan omega biomedicine co., ltd.

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Gradefood grade

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Wuhan omega biomedicine co., ltd.
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