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vinyl modified polysiloxane purified 100%

Description :

R-8501 is a vinylmethoxyethoxy polysiloxane, not only keeping good vinyl reactivity, but also constribute much more siloxane reactivity, could better react with filler surface so as to improve compatibility between filler and polymer. At the same time,as a flexible chain of Si-O bond, longer chain make better wettability which good help to filler dispersion.

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Zhejiang Feidian chemical Co.,ltd

Product Details :

Appearancecolorless to yellowish transparent liquid

Categories :

Plastic Additives
Paint Additives
Polymer Additives
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Zhejiang Feidian chemical Co.,ltd
Feidianchem is a professional chemical organization focusing on R&D, manufacturing and marketing of organic silicon monomers , coupling agent and polysiloxanes, who headquartered at Hangzhou city and is established in 2002.