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lithium stearate technical

Description :

Introduction of Lithium Stearate:

Product name: Lithium Stearate

Molecular formula:C17H35COOLI





white powder, with fat smell

Assay of LiO


Free acid


Loss on drying


Melting point


Particle size

(≥99.5% through 325 mesh)


Lithium Stearate can be used as PVC heat stabilizers in transparent products, when use in conjunction with phthalate plasticizers, the film transparency of products is good and does not appear white mist. Lithium Sterate is easier to melt in ketones compare with other stearates, thus little effect on the embossing operation. It is non-toxic substitute for barium soap and lead soap. The product can also be used in conjunction with the phospholipid acid plasticizers. This product can also be used as an external lubricant for nylon, phenolic resin, rigid polyvinyl chloride (maximum amount of 0.6 % ) In addition, the goods can be used as construction waterproof, impermeable and so on.


It should be stored in a cool, dry place, gently loading and discharging to prevent any damage to the packages, transport according to the ordinary chemical regulations.

Packing: 20kg/bag outside pp weaving bag and inside bis-pva bag.


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PVC Stabilizers
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