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We offer a disruptive technology for hydrogen and stoichiometric oxygen-hydrogen (OH) gas mixtures production, based on our original method for low-power [0.8Wh/L] Ultrasono-Modified Water Electrolysis.

We discovered that OH gas-plasma flame (140oC) heats UHTCs over 5,500oC.

Applying our inventions, we have designed an Autonomous OH Power Plant, consuming only water. 100% clean and renewable process, 0% harmful emissions.

OH Power Plant can produce Power, Heat, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Modified Oxy-Hydrogen Fule (MOH), off-grid, at a cost, close to zero.

MOH is the ideal fuel, energy storage and low-cost & safe Hydrogen storage.

MOH can be safely compressed (700+bar), liquefied (1bar /-178oC), filled in CNG/LNG bottles/tanks and stored there for years, and combusted as a single fuel in all kinds of IC Engines, Gas-Turbines, Jet and Rocket Engines. It is safe - cannot be ignited by a spark, and highly dense - 1m3 liquid MOH contains 2.5 times more kg of hydrogen than 1m3 of liquid hydrogen.

Hydrogen produced could be combined with captured-from-air CO2 (climeworks.com), for hydrocarbon product and fuel synthesis as Ethanol, Methanol, Diesel, Gasoline, Methane, DME, Formaldehyde, Ketones, Fertilizers, Polymers, etc., at a cost, close to zero.

Also, pure Hydrogen and Oxygen could be safely extracted on-board, on-demand, out of MOH, separated by a simple molecular sieve membrane and used for fueling Hydrogen Fuel Cells for onboard power generation.

Also, OH PP can supply unlimited heat energy for Basalt / Zirconia - Fiber Composite Materials (3 times stronger, 3 times lighter and 20 times cheaper than the steel) production, at a cost, close to zero.

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