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domperidone maleate

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Spansules is one of the leading pellets manufacturing pharmaceutical company with manufacturing facilities and R&D facilities spearheading landmark research in the area of Formulation Development. The company is a WHO-GMP Certified Company with manufacturing practices and facilities that conform to that every Spansules product meets the most stringent quality standards. With all manufacturing facilities being supported by excellent infrastructure and compliance to the GMP requirements, Spansules has crossed numerous milestones in a comparatively short period of time.

As a part of research, the company continue to invest in the development and application of novel drug delivery technologies to meet future challenges.The vision of Spansules is to acquire specializations in manufacture and marketplace of all segments of Generic Drugs that can include product through in-house Research & Development. The company is manufacturing and supplying generic drugs at its most affordable cost by optimizing the scale of production & continuous improvement.