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Esmero Research Pvt Ltd

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Esmero Research Pvt Ltd

Esmero Research Pvt Ltd is an export house with a fully committed, independent and dedicated team to handle all its customers requirements and needs, hence facilitating quicker registration, lower lead time and guaranteed customer satisfaction. The company's wide product basket comprises of Tablets including Dispersible Tablets, Sustained release Tablets, Coated and Uncoated Tablets, Capsules, Syrup & Suspension, Dry powder for Suspension, Dry powder in sachets, Topical gels and creams, Injectables, Small Volume Parenterals and Lyophilized Injections in both Beta-Lactum and Non Beta-Lactum categories.

The mission is to be the leading and trusted exporters of Quality Pharmaceutical Formulations to all corners of the globe while ensuring full customer satisfaction. The vision is to establish itselves as a respectable and trustable source of Quality Medicines all over the world.