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Pragati Raw Pharma Pvt Ltd

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Cas Number50-55-5
Appearanceoff-white crystalline powder

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Pragati Raw Pharma Pvt Ltd

Pragati Raw Pharma Pvt Ltd is a Suppliers of API's, Enzymes, Nutraceuticals, Pellets and Excipients in India. The company are presently dealing in over 150 products and are representing more than 30 Indian manufacturers of repute. Pragati Raw Pharma Pvt Ltd have a well established infrastructure to cater any customer in every nook and corner of India, there by they make business process a smooth and pleasant experience for all their customers as well as Principal Manufacturers.
Pragati Raw Pharma Pvt Ltd product line includes products such as albendazole, bambuterol, digoxin, doxylamine succinate, ivermectin, ketoconazole, lycopene, montelukast sodium, oxcarbazepine, reserpine, sodium valproate, tizanidine, valproic acid, chlorzoxazone, ferrous gluconate, guaifenesin, sodium chloride, zinc oxide, aspartame, methyl salicylate, titanium dioxide etc.