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Kebee Pharmachemie Pvt Ltd

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Cas Number78439-06-2,72558-82-8
Appearancewhite to cream-colored crystalline powder

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Kebee Pharmachemie Pvt Ltd

Kebee Pharmachemie Pvt Ltd is a Pharmaceutical Company, more than 2 decades old has been serving India to build enduring relationships with the world to serve every segment of the pharma industry successfully. Founded in the year 1983 by Mr.Bajaj, Kebee has been engaged in Sourcing Pharmaceutical Raw materials, APIs, Bulk Drugs & Intermediates etc, and has left no stone unturned as it has been aware of the trends, needs and requirements of the industry and thus in a position to serve with the best for the best.

Kebee Pharmachemie offer professional expertise to clients, which has gone a long way in developing personal rapport with customers. Kebee interconnect customers to the best suppliers world wide to develop business. Kebee has tied the knots with a numerous companies by building lasting relationships with clients and have become prime agents in India for the most prestigious Eu companies like Chemische Farik, Karl Bucher, GmbH, Germany, Linnea SA, Switzerland , Mediolast SPA, Italy, Uquifa S.A - Spain, to name a few.