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Laxmi Genchem Sciences Pvt. Ltd.

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Cas Number96539-87-6

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Laxmi Genchem Sciences Pvt. Ltd.

Laxmi Genchem Sciences Pvt. Ltd. is an ideal drug discovery, Development and Manufacturing partner. The pharma clients gain clear competitive advantages through shorter time to market and risk minimization using their integrated and high-quality scientific services. The help them deliver innovative products with tighter budgets while collaborating and executing within a seamless and highly confidential project management system. 

Laxmi Genchem Sciences Pvt Ltd. was established in the year 2012, LAXMI GENCHEM has focused on building expert core capabilities in chemistry: synthetic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, process development, scale-up chemistry, analytical and manufacturing, The company`s world-class management team is composed of highly experienced executives and are involved in helping to attain their high standards of science and execution. The company products range include as 4,4-dimethyl-1,3-cyclohexanedione, 3-cyclopentyl-dl-alanine, 5-azaindole, 2-amino-6-nitrobenzoic acid, 3-hydroxy-5-nitrobenzoic acid, 3-bromopyrazolo[1,5-a]pyridine, d-luciferin potassium salt, etc.