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Description :
HDPE MP6020-100 is a bimodal molecular structure compound classified as PE100 – hexane copolymer. It’s a high density polyethylene contains 2.2 % well dispersed carbon black class A to ensure outstanding weather resistance, provides high tensile strength with high resistance against fast and slow crack propagation.
The added carbon black type is less sensitive to moisture despite the hygroscopic behavior due to its fine particle size. It also shows a very high impact resistance throughout its entire temperature range combined with an acute resistance to fracture which is a significant advantage in applications where temperature is very low so it can be used at temperatures ranging from -50 oC to 60 oC.

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Moharamplast S.A.E - Private Free Zone

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Brandhdpe mp6020-100
Appearanceblack pellets

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Plastics & Polymers
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Moharamplast S.A.E - Private Free Zone
Moharamplast S.A.E. is an Egyptian company based in Alexandria, specialized in producing Polyethylene and Polypropylene Compounds, Color Masterbatch and Filler Masterbatch that serve several plastic industries worldwide, such as Rotational Molding, Steel Pipe Coating, Plastic Pipe Industry, Packagin Read More..