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sevelamer carbonate

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Vijayasri Organics Limited

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Vijayasri Organics Limited

Vijayasri Organics Limited began in the mid-1980s as a Trader of basic chemicals. The experience of a few strong years in the field paved way to our venturing into Manufacturing of intermediates and thereafter into APIs in 1996 when their organisation was registered as a company. The relentless passion for quality and their commitment to execute large scale product turnovers within minimum turnaround times has earned us an irrefutable renown over the years.

Primarily having been functioning as a contract drug manufacturer for major pharma companies for several years we have now grown to be an independent drug manufacturer with an enhanced perspective and vision fortified by the coveted FDA approval. This enhanced strength has already opened up multiple avenues for catering to regulatory markets of the US, Europe and Asia. To engage with all their stakeholders in a transparent, ethical and responsible manner. As a regulatory approved drug manufacturer, today we stand far ahead of our peers integrating most update technologies, good manufacturing practices, and focusing on active research, marking up a retinue of global associations and earning the trust of innumerable customers across international geographies.