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Azide Chemical Co., Ltd.

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Azide Chemical Co., Ltd.

Azide Chemical Co., Ltd. are leading manufacturers of fluorinated chemicals, photographic chemicals, nucleosides, pharma intermediates, active pharmaceutical ingredients, activator reagents for oligonucleotide and peptide production. 

Its strong products are 1,3-Dibromo-5,5-Dimethylhydantoin, 1-Benzyl-5-Ethoxyhydantoin, 1,3-Dimethylbarbituric acid, 4-Fluorobenzaldehyde, 4-Fluorophenylhydrazine hydrochloride, 5-Ethylthio-1H-tetrazole, 5-Phenyl-1H-tetrazole etc. The company have close cooperation with the Nanjing University, Nanjing University of Technology. They give the company support in organic synthesis and Analytical service. 

The company are also developing triazole, tetrazole, pyridine, pyrimidine, furan, pehnylhydrazine, biphenyl, indazole, indole derivative products.