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polycarboxylate ether admixtures industrial grade 50%

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polycarboxylate based superplasticizer is a high range and high performance water reducer which is joint researched and developed with scientific institutions.It is polymerized by a variety of polymer organic compounds and doesn’t contain the harmful substance formaldehyde.Now it becomes the most popular eco-friendly concrete admixture home and abroad.

This product has bleed air function and during its long-term storage, it doesn’t delaminate or precipitate, and has no crystallization in winter, which is especially suitable for formulating high-durability, high flowing and high strength concrete, and exposed concrete with high quality requirements.Widely uesd in hydraulic electrician, ports, bridges, highways,tunnels and other projects.

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Shandong Xiangsong Chemical Co.,Ltd.

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Shandong Xiangsong Chemical Co.,Ltd.
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