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atraric acid

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Vigirom Chemical Pvt. Ltd.

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Vigirom Chemical Pvt. Ltd.

Vigirom Chemical Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 1995, is currently engaged in the business of distribution of aroma raw materials, both natural and synthetic. Vigirom represents several international giants in the aroma raw material industry, namely the Tennants Group in the UK, Agan of Israel, PT Indesso of Indonesia, and PT Perhutani of Indonesia, bringing a wide range of important raw materials to meet the demands of the Indian Flavour and Fragrance industry.

Vigirom is one of the large Aroma Raw Material suppliers in the country, and is managed by a family that is well known in the industry, serving clients satisfactorily for decades. The companies are committed to providing Excellent Service, Quality Products at competitive price with an assurance of prompt delivery. The focus is to satisfy their customers by complying with international standards, preferable payment modes and good business ethics.