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tripropylene glycol

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Oxyde Chemicals Inc.

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Cas Number24800-44-0
Appearanceclear liquid

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Food Additives
Cosmetics & Personal care
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Oxyde Chemicals Inc.

Oxyde Chemicals Inc. was established in 1924 as a metals and minerals trading company in Amsterdam. Since then we have evolved into an international petrochemical and polymers trading house. Oxyde Chemicals provides markets for our suppliers and products for our customers. Together, these are our “partners.” We focus our passion and performance on them. We understand that success of our business depends on serving our partners well, offering them solutions via competitively priced products.

Oxyde Chemicals experienced, efficient international organization is specially trained for change adaptation, business flexibility and value added service. You get immediate response to your needs and smooth executions of your transactions, wherever you are worldwide. Today, we have offices in countries around the globe from the Americas to Europe, from Asia to Africa. In addition to trading, we maintain a distribution network for select products in the US, Europe, Mexico and Venezuela. Oxyde Chemicals include the products such as Monoethylene Glycol, Diethylene Glycol, Acetone, Methanol, Acrylic Acid, etc.