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hydrochloric acid

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Buy Hydrochloric Acid from May Asit which is strong, colorless transparent inorganic acid. It is produced from the hydrogen chloride and water. It is an important chemical reagent and industrial chemical, used primarily in the production of polyvinyl chloride for plastic, refining metal, other organic and inorganic compounds. Hydrochloric acid is also used in leather processing. We are the leading supplier of Hydrochloric acid supplying chemical demands of customers. May Asit supplies high-quality industrial chemicals and a top Hydrochloric Acid supplier known worldwide. Buy Hydrochloric Acid Online to get the best offer prevailing in the market. We focus on delivering in the best quality product at a reasonable price.

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Cas Number7647-01-0
Appearanceclear colorless to light-yellow liquid

Categories :

Food Additives
Pulp and Paper
Water Treatment
Swimming Pool Chemicals
Cleaning and Sanitation
Lab Chemicals
Pulping Chemicals
About Suppliers :
Since its establishment in 1976, May Asit has been making the sale of chemical substances which has been supplied in the most favorable conditions from domestic or abroad and has been supplying chemical demands of customers from the warehouses located in Istanbul, Izmir, Corlu and Mersin in the earl Read More..
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